Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Key West

What a wonderful day! I started with a look at the historic harbor. For an old Navy bear, this was heavenly.

Next, I had lunch at the Schooner Wharf Bar and listened to that old salt, Michael McCloud.

Then, after a long, hot walk, I got my picture taken at the Southernmost Point in the U.S.

Finally, I had a real treat. I met La Te Da Linda, who is the proud mother of a Marine. On Veteran's Day, she carried my brother, Marine Bear, in the parade. She is such a nice lady, and pretty hot, too.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going fishing during the day and attending a Drag Queen Show (whatever that is) tomorrow night.


Busy Bear said...


I hope you take pictures of the Drag Queen Show...whatever that is.

(But the werd verifikation is "perfarma"...I wonder if that's a hint?)

Ten Cent Tipsy said...

Busy: I dont' think pictures will be allowed, but I'll try. I asked Hungry Mother what the show was about and he just rolled his eyes.